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From Amy in Colorado
I picked up a copy of Competitor Magazine in Denver today, and saw the article about you and your book. I came home and immediately ordered it! I feel like I am going to be reading my own story – I too am a triathlete who was diagnosed in July at the age of 32 with invasive ductal carcinoma. I had a bilateral mastectomy on Aug 28, and am on my third round of chemo. I have been training on my “good weeks” and setting goals for my tri season 2010! I am so happy to hear of another CO triathlete who has blazed this trail before me! I’m sorry you have had to go through this. Not a fun path, but we get through it with good friends and family and being a triathlete I think gives us extra strength!

From Diane in Florida
I am a breast cancer survivor and triathlete. I read a review about your book in USAT Life Triathlete magazine. I enjoyed the book and wish I would have found it earlier in my journey. I looked and looked for someone that was a triathlete and had breast cancer. I had a difficult time deciding on reconstruction since I didn’t want to mess up my muscles too much. My cancer was non-invasive, however I didn’t have clear margins on the lumpectomy so decided on bilateral mastectomy to have a matched set. I am in age group 50-54 and do mostly the sprint distance with an oly distance tri about once a year. I am one year post op and did 3 tri’s this season with 2 more to go.

I want to thank you for your book and your honesty about your journey it was very helpful and enjoyable to read. I didn’t have chemo and still felt exhausted getting through surgeries. I am fine now and so glad to be training. Being active and having breast cancer is different – I will share your story with others I know with this disease.


Team Chemo
Teamo Chemo at Boulder Peak Tri 2006

From Steve, A husband of cancer survivorColorado
I got up this morning and read “Chemosabee” in 2 hours.  Hard to put down, especially considering my current focused attention on the subject of cancer and chemo!  Found a lot of “good stuff” for both me and Diana.  Good timing you guys, we appreciate your love and prayers.  I took Nancy’s advice and used CaringBridge to set up Diana’s blog with everyone.   Thank you, Steve

From Lisa in Colorado
I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful book Chemosabee that you have written.  I picked it up at the Book Train on Sunday and just finished it.  What a gift you have given to the world!  I have to say that I cried most of the way through it, your honesty and willingness to share touched me at the deepest level of my soul.  Just wanted you to know…..  Thank you,   Lisa

From Marlene in Colorado
I finished reading Chemosabee last weekend while attending a Women’s Writing Retreat at the St. Benedict’s Monastery. What a book and a setting to be reading such a book packed full of emotions, love, support, tragedy and comedy.  It was so beautifully written. I first want to thank you for persisting in your efforts with the pen to document your courageous journey.  I was struck by your honesty and the endearing qualities of Paul, Marco and Chas as portrayed by you.  I want to share with you something we read at our workshop:  “The writer, when she does not write, is a person outside the gates of her own being. Not too long ago, I stood just so for months, disbarred from myself. Then, one sentence arrived; and another.  And I? I was a woman in love. For that too is what writing is. Every sentence, however imperfect, however inadequate to its task, as this one is–a love poem to this world and our good luck to find existence in it”.  Thank you!
Sincerely, Marlene

From Sonya in Colorado
I  had a chance to pick up a copy of Chemosabee. Wow!  I am speechless. What an amazing journey you have come thru and  chronicled to help others. I love it!  My brother’s mother in law in Phx. had a mastectomy this fall and  is  now healing. She is a runner and is a very fit mom and grandma.   I  thought about this book for her as soon as I heard about it. I gave her the book this week. She loved the book and read it cover to cover in one night. It was  just what she needed.  Thank you, Sonya.

From Steve in Illinois
I love this book!  It’s a cross between the New England Journal of Medicine, ESPN Sports Center, with a touch of Oprah!

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